In July 2013, young Assyrians from various countries came together and held a summit in Toronto, Canada. The objective of this summit was to establish networks with one another and to strategize for a more collaborative and cohesive future. In 2016, delegates from the summit re-grouped in Stockholm, Sweden, where the blueprints of the World Assembly of Assyrian Youth (WAAY) were officially drawn.

Today, this Assembly includes the following Assyrian youth organizations:

  1. Assyrian Chaldean Syriac Student Union of Canada (ACSSU)
  2. Assyrian Democratic Organization Youth of Syria
  3. Assyrian Youth Federation of Central Europe (AJM)
  4. Assyrian Youth Federation of America (AYFA)
  5. Assyrian Youth Federation of Australia & New Zealand (AYFANZ)
  6. Young Assyrians of Sweden (UAS)
  7. Gabbara Assyrian Youth Non-Governmental Organization
  8. Sargon Youth Organization

WAAY’s founding principles and purpose are as follows:

  1. To act as a global platform for Assyrian youth and to encourage active networking and participation,
  2. To bridge the Assyrian Diaspora with its Assyrian homeland, as well as drive successful cooperation,
  3. To remain secular and independent of any religious or political affiliations,
  4. To share knowledge and resources,
  5. To lead significant initiatives that shall support the Assyrian youth in the homeland,
  6. To encourage inclusivity and drive strategic organizational partnerships globally,
  7. To network with like-minded non-Assyrian youth organizations,
  8. To encourage youth representation within all countries where Assyrians live,
  9. To provide consultation on matters concerning Assyrian youth, particularly in the drafting or influencing of policies.