About WAAY

The World Assembly of Assyrian Youth, also commonly known by its acronym WAAY, is an independent not-for-profit global organization. The organization’s primary objective is to act as a global platform for Assyrian youth and to encourage their active networking and participation. WAAY also encourages inclusivity and drives strategic organizational partnerships globally so to network with like-minded non-Assyrian youth organizations.


In July 2013, young Assyrians from various countries came together and held a summit in Toronto, Canada. The objective of this summit was to establish networks with one another and to strategize for a more cohesive future. Read More

Our Logo

The official logo of the World Assembly of Assyrian Youth (WAAY) is inspired by ancient Mesopotamian mythology and iconography. Read More


Learn more about the members that form our global organization. Read More


The World Assembly of Assyrian Youth (WAAY) is an official network that connects Assyrian youth-based organizations under one umbrella. Read More


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